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The Traduções LIVRES (Free Translations) project was born on June 1, 2020, with the goal of using the privilege that mastering another language is to help democratize access to content produced abroad about the anti-racist and anti-fascist movements and also about the coronavirus pandemic.

In a country as unequal as Brazil, being fluent in other language(s) is a privilege evidenced by a racial and economical perspective. According to research by the British Council, only 5% of the Brazilian population has some English knowledge, which led our country to occupy the 41st position in a ranking of 70 countries.

Brazil, one of the last countries to banish slavery in the world, was built on the ground of social, racial inequality, biased opportunities and the myth of meritocracy. In 2020, it is absurd that the black population still lives with the heavy weight of police violence, institutionalized necropolitics at all levels of government, and the daily racist aggressions. 

Looking at all this injustice, our project believes that the access to content that is being produced about the #blacklivesmatter movement, the status of the coronavirus pandemic outside Brazil, the fight against fascism around the world and about how our country is perceived and reported abroad, shouldn't be limited by the lack of mastery of a language that so few have the opportunity to acquire

Knowledge is an extremely important weapon in the fight against oppression, and our project wants to help everyone who is not fluent in another language to expand their knowledge of the world.

When we see what happens outside our bubble, we gain more oxygen to fight and join our forces with movements different by name, but very similar in their motives and causes.

The Traduções LIVRES project was created by the journalist, translator and writer Hannah Hebron and has the collaboration of translators Nina Soares, Letícia Rodrigues, Samantha Gonçalves, Luana Macêdo, Nara Aline de Souza, Eduarda Correia, Rafaella Morelli, Luísa Brasil, Carise Fernandes, Miranda Perozini and Letícia Palhares.

This group tends to grow, and because we are a non-profit project operating entirely in voluntary mode, it will also be fluid, with people coming and going, collaborating as they can. However, here is the acknoledgement to the commitment and grace of this first and incredible wave of volunteers, who helped to put the project online and who also always contribute to new ideas and formats. You are amazing.


About our readers, please, send us feedback, tips, articles, anything. This content is made entirely for you.

We reiterate that this project has no commercial purpose nor wants to usurp content from foreign journalists, creators and vehicles. We just believe that if there is a time to blow communication bubble, the time is now.

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